Cost-Effective or an Expensive Bet - Is DIY Worth it?


The phrase "do-it-yourself," or DIY as we know it, is the new buzz word. The internet is overloaded with guides and tutorials of several projects that you can undertake yourself. From creating home d├ęcor, home cleaning, and beauty products to undertaking home improvement projects such as painting your cabinets to repair your home deck, you can do almost everything using DIY techniques.

After all, it gives you the satisfaction of doing something for yourself from scratch. It gets you back to the basics, may help you identify your hidden talents, and, most of all, saves you money.

And while doing things yourself may have the potential to save you money, that is not always the case. DIY projects, particularly involving home renovation, can be more costly. Here is why.

DIY Means More Time

Perhaps the most valuable resource that we have today is time. Undertaking a major home improvement project such as deck installation and repair, is a time-consuming project. When you do-it-yourself, you end up spending a lot more time compared to hiring a professional. So before you start a project, ask yourself whether you have the time to complete it or not.

Also, find out the opportunity cost of spending time on a DIY project. If your time has better usage, then maybe DIY is an expensive bet.

DIY May Be More Expensive in Monetary Terms

Time is not the only thing that goes into DIY projects. They also require a lot of research in terms of finding the right supplies for undertaking that project.

Buying the raw material and supplies is often far more expensive than ready-made/store manufactured alternatives. After all, unlike the professionals, you don't have the advantage of bulk pricing, so you end up paying more.

Not Everyone Possesses the Right Skill

For several DIY projects, especially those involving home renovation, watching the tutorial may not be enough. You need to possess the relevant skill. Moreover, you should have practised it several times beforehand so that you are equipped to deal with any type of project. Most DIY-ers do not have the skill and experience. As a result, they end up doing more damage to the property than good.

DIY - Is it Worth?

DIY projects may be fun; they satisfy your creativity and desire to build something entirely from scratch and may also save you costs in some cases; however, that is not always true. For major home improvement projects, particularly creating outdoor structures decks, pergolas, and carports, DIY may not be a good option. Such projects can be complicated and require a particular skill set that most homeowners lack. Therefore, it is best to seek professional services.

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