How to Maintain Your Decking For It to Last Longer


The deck of your house has to handle a lot. Not only does it need to deal with fluctuating weather and the harsh glare of the sun, but it also has to put up with everyone walking and running on it, both barefoot and in a variety of different types of footwear. And if you have any children in the house, it probably has to deal with the thud of bouncing balls, toys, and more.

Overtime, wood decking can get weathered and discoloured, and if it rains frequently or there’s a water source near it, the wood can get soft and start developing mould. Here are some of the ways in which you can maintain your decking for longer:

1.    Don’t Allow Water or Dirt to Settle in the Cracks

Make sure any rainwater gutters or other water pipes don’t spray their water onto the deck. If you’re cleaning the deck, make sure to dry the cracks between the wooden boards.

Any plants and flowers being grown in pots on the deck itself should be kept in planters to keep the damp soil from spilling over and getting in the cracks, which can eventually start softening the wood.

2.    Clean Your Deck Regularly

While you don’t have to give your deck a complete scrubbing with water and detergent, a quick sweep every day is highly recommended. This will keep the leaves from settling to the cracks and any other debris from staining the wood surface.

3.    A Rotten Board Spoils the Rest

Check your deck regularly for loose wooden boards or rotting ones. Secure the loose boards into place. Rotting and mouldy boards should be replaced immediately before the mould spreads to the rest of the deck.

4.    Give Your Deck a Natural Finish

The fancier you try to make your deck, the greater effort will be required to maintain it. If you opt for coloured or other finish, the coloured coating will eventually start peeling or chipping off, which doesn’t look great. Keep a natural finish for your deck. If you have a theme in mind, select an oil-based finish that is weather-resistant and will fade evenly throughout instead of chipping or flaking in patches.

5.    Make Sure Your Deck is Well-Sealed

When your deck is first installed, your contractor will seal it properly to prevent dirt and water accumulation in the gaps and to slow down the process of the sun discolouring or fading the surface. Overtime, this coating wears out, and your decking needs to be re-sealed at least once every two years.

6.    Get High Quality Decking

If you want to maintain your wood decking for longer, it’s important to get the job done right in the first place. Select a contractor who supplies the best quality wood along with a weather-resistant finish. This will not only keep your deck looking great, but it will also prevent any injuries due to people tripping on loose boards or chipped bits.

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