Just About All Pergolas At Your Home Require A Permit From Your Local Council In Order To Be Built


A pergola is one of the best additions that you can make to your property. It uplifts the aesthetics of your property and boosts the value significantly. Potential home buyers will be willing to pay a higher price for your property if there’s a pergola because who doesn’t like a beautifully designed outdoor sitting space?

If you’re planning to build a pergola in your yard, you might already be looking for pergola professionals. But wait. Before you hire any professional to build the pergola of your dream, you first need to take the permit to build a pergola from the authorities. 

You read that right. You’ve got to take a permit from the local council before you can build a pergola at your home. If you don’t take the permit, you might have to face heavy penalties and legal consequences.


Why Do You Need a Permit?

When you seek a permit from the relevant authorities, it’s as if you’re getting a green signal from them that the pergola you’ve constructed follows the safety regulations. There’s no way you can trust the durability and safety of any structures built without a permit. Although it may feel like too much hassle to get the permit from the authorities, it actually saves you a lot of trouble in the future. 

There are 2 permits that you’ll need to secure from the local council before building a pergola at your property. The planning permit is related to the boundary regulations (how far from the fence and the neighbour’s property can you build a pergola), and the building permit covers the fire regulations, safety regulations, and construction dimensions. 

Once you’ve secured these permits, you can build the pergola of your dreams and take the aesthetics and usability of your outdoor space to an all-new level!


What if You Build a Pergola without Permit?

Many people who don’t take securing permits for building a pergola at their properties seriously often end up facing serious consequences. 

When you’re building a pergola without a permit, you’re putting your safety at risk. Since the site hasn’t been evaluated for suitability for constructing a pergola, issues that can have a direct impact on the stability and safety of the pergola may go unnoticed. 


Secondly, if you build a pergola without a permit, you’ll have to pay fines (which can be a lot), and you’ll even have to demolish the beautiful structure you got constructed with so much love. In the end, it’ll only cost you a lot of money, humiliation, and emotions, of course!

There are rules and regulations in place only to ensure your safety. You should never put your safety at risk just to save yourself the hassle of obtaining a permit. It may feel like a lot of work right now but it’s all for your own good!

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