Top 4 of Settings Where A Decking Will Be Ideal


If you are planning on investing in a decking project, the first thing you should think about is the setting. There are several options available for deck setting, depending on the style and make of your home and the open space. To help you get some inspiration, we have listed the top 4 of settings where a decking will be ideal:

1. Front or Backyard

In many cases, the most convenient setting for a deck is directly adjacent to a home, usually on a flat surface. This allows easy access since it does not have a raised surface. It can be located in the front or backyard of a levelled and spacious home to accommodate a flat deck.

2. Raised Decks

A raised or tiered deck may also be placed in the backyard or the front of the house; however, these decks work best when the surface has varied heights. Raised decks look more beautiful; hence, they are more expensive. They should also incorporate safety measures, such as railings.

3. Two-Story Decks

Two-story decks are ideal for locations that have a second story. The deck's bottom area would allow people to enter from the first floor; whereas, the top site would allow people to enter from the second floor.

4. Freestanding Decks

These decks are usually suited for areas where there is no natural setting for a deck. These decks require ample space if you want to include additional fixtures like gazebos or multi-stories.

If you have a smaller property and don't have enough space to place a deck, you can improvise by getting a little creative. Here are some of the location ideas:

  • A less frequent or an unused driveway
  • In the garage area - if not used
  • A small yard or garden on the side
  • On top of a hill or a slope
  • A small courtyard in front of the house
  • Entry-way of the house
  • On the rooftop

Essential Considerations for Deck Setting


One of the critical things to consider at the time of decking is privacy. Evaluate your home and determine the most private space available for a deck.

Sun Exposure

If you live in a cold climate, you should pick a place with plenty of sunshine. But if you live in a hot environment, you should do the opposite to avoid damage from excess sunlight.


Ideally, every homeowner would want the deck to be easily accessible and near the house.


You should also consider the view. For instance, if you choose to have a deck on a hill, you would have lovely scenery.

Wind and Trees

A deck should be oriented in a position that is less windy and has trees in the surrounding. However, this would require frequent cleaning as the leaves would fall and leave moisture.

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