It's true! Just about every home looks great with decking for the outdoor entertainment area


Gone are the days of the barren concrete porch with the solitary camp chair or, the aging courtyard with weeds growing up between the pavers. Australians have embraced outdoor living and more often than not, this has meant installing decking, to create a luxurious and comfortable outdoor entertainment zone.

Beyond the creature comforts, there’s another important reason why so many Australian home-owners are opting for decking to meet their outdoor entertainment needs: because it looks fantastic when installed alongside almost any style of house. Decks can be so versatile in their design, shape, style and materials, which means finding the perfect decking for your house is simply a matter of doing your homework.  

Decks look amazing because they are more than just a deck

Thanks in part to lifestyle TV shows and magazines; Australian homeowners now appreciate the full range of options open to them for styling up their decking. It’s not just a matter of popping a couple of chairs and a table out – that’s boring, and doesn’t inspire people to use the space. Instead you could install a fire pit, fireplace, or a swimming pool (opt for a qualified deck builder if you are set on a pool as you need to be mindful the poolside decking is built to Australian standards and fully sealed).  

Think of your deck as an empty canvas. Unlike the rest of your house, which is likely full of furniture, with little room for creativity left, your deck is a new space you can use to enhance the aesthetics of your house. Think potted and hanging plants, or herb gardens, railings that will complement the design of your property, even a water feature or outdoor bar. Top it all off with cosy outdoor furniture and colourful cushions and you have a winner!

Simple or plain houses benefit even more from decking

If your home’s façade is not its most appealing feature, the addition of decking can make a huge difference to the appearance of your house. It can really give a property a boost, especially because the deck offers a surface to create an easily accessible and beautiful garden. The decking will also break up some of the façade (think about adding shelving or a row of potted plants to hide the façade more). As we mentioned above, the range of materials available to deck builders these days means it’s always possible to find decking that will blend in with your house no matter what the style.

Decking adds value

If they didn’t look good, they wouldn’t add value and we know that decking is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Figures vary in terms of the actual return on investment but there is widespread agreement that decking (when installed by qualified deck builders) will add value to your home possibly more than any other feature. Decking can create a beautiful oasis and calming space and it is these features that appeal to home buyers. As we mentioned above, decking can help to disguise an ugly façade but, decking can really boost any house regardless of its external appearance. Just remember to incorporate the appropriate style.

If you’re thinking about decking for your house, get in touch today. Our deck builders will be happy to talk you through what will work for you.