4 great benefits of a well-designed carport


Did you know that the first attached carport was built in 1910 for the W.B. Sloane House in Elmhurst Illinois? The history of the carport is now over a century old, but we really have to thank the renowned United States architect, Frank Lloyd Wright began regularly using the structure in his designs during the 1930s for making the carport what it is today.


History aside, investing in a new carport comes with a lot of benefits – some you might already know and others a little out of left field. If you’ve ever stumbled out to your car on the street in the rain, running late to work or a meeting, and discovered your car covered in ice, mud or bird guano, here’s four compelling reasons why a carport is probably the perfect option for you:


  1. You’ll save on insurance.

Next to your home, it's a good bet that your car is one of the most significant investments you'll make. Not only that, but you'll keep investing more in it over its lifetime – including servicing, repairs and insurance. It makes sense to protect your investment – and pulling your car into your private carport is far safer than parking on the street, for both you and your vehicle. Insurers often give you a discount for having a carport – your car is more visible than a garage, so thieves are often deterred from messing with it in full view of you and the street. And if you live alone and come home at dark, you'll be glad of the extra security a carport affords you. No more dashing from the street to your front door!


  1. Your car is protected from poor weather.

When a car is parked in the elements, it can be slowly destroyed over time. Heatwaves can ruin your battery, stress your tyres and evaporate your water levels in washers and your radiator, making it more likely you'll break down on the road. Driving rain and the sun's UV rays will fade your paint job, costing you a pretty penny to revitalise. In winter weather your spark plugs start to weaken, and ice cover can also kill batteries. And, if you regularly carry loads from the car to the house, you'll be extra glad of the overhead protection your new carport affords.


  1. You’ll get an extra all-purpose, all-weather space.

It’s easy to convert your carport into a covered year-round entertaining area or shaded play space for the kids – just back the car out onto the street!


  1. Building a carport is more affordable when compared to a garage.

If budget is a priority for you, you’ll be pleased to know that hiring a carport builder can be a relatively cheap way to protect your car and yourself from the harsh elements. Of course, the options you choose can determine cost – do you want a wood or steel structure? A galvanised, Colorbond or tiled roof? What about pitched, flat or gabled styling? Work with your carport builder to find the ideal solution for you. And the great this is you can always change your mind if you want something a little more enclosed later by adding walls and a roller door.