Top 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Second Hand Wood from Old Projects to Build Your Pergola


Building a pergola is one of the most effective ways to upgrade your property, enhance its aesthetic appeal, and boost its value. Not only does a pergola offers all of these benefits we just mentioned, but it's a fine way of bringing your outdoor space to good use.


You can build a pergola using various materials like wood, steel, aluminium, brick, stone, etc. However, wood is the most popular material for all the right reasons. The aesthetic appeal of wood is unmatched. However, it comes at a high cost. Wooden pergolas are a timeless beauty, but they don't come cheap.


If you've been considering the idea of building a wooden pergola using second hand wood from old projects, we suggest you read this blog first. Let's have a look at some of the most critical reasons why you shouldn't use second hand wood from old projects to build your pergola.


1.      Wood Is Prone to Damage

Wood is highly prone to damage and deterioration. It can easily get damaged by weather elements like rain and sunlight. It can also get infested by pests. If you're considering using second hand wood to build a pergola, you should know that the older the wood, the weaker it is. It may look good, but you never know, termites have infested it, and it might be hollow and weak from the inside.


2.      You'll Put Your Safety at Risk

Second hand wood from old projects might look like it's in good condition externally. However, as we said above, wood gets deteriorated, and there's not much anybody can do about it. The older the wood has been stored, the higher are the chances of it being weak. If you use old wood to build your pergola, you're risking your safety. Your pergola won't be able to withstand any weight, even that of trailing plants and overhanging planters.


3.      Unsatisfactory Aesthetic Appeal

While you may be able to save some bucks by using second hand wood to build your pergola, you won't be able to achieve the aesthetic appeal you wish for. You just can't compare the beauty of second hand wood with that of new. No matter how many layers of polish or paint you apply on second hand wood, it won't come to look as good as new wood. If enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property is one of your reasons to build a pergola, using second hand wood is a plain bad idea!


We understand your reasons for building a pergola using second hand wood from old projects. However, you certainly wouldn't want whatever money you're spending to go down the drain. If budget is a concern, you can explore cheaper pergola building materials. We strongly advise you against using second hand wood to build a pergola. Get in touch with Prestige Decks and Pergolas, and let us build a pergola of your dreams for you – in your budget!