Why Pergolas Should Be Built With Treated Wood?


An outdoor structure like a pergola can be a great addition to your yard. It not only adds aesthetic value to your outdoor space but also provides you with an extension of your home where you can relax and unwind with friends and family. While wood has remained an all-time favourite material for pergolas, an increasing number of homeowners are now choosing treated wood to build pergolas, and for good reasons that we’ve highlighted in this post.

If you are looking to build a pergola in your yard, we suggest you go for treated wood as it offers the following benefits.


#1. Treated Wood is Termite-Repellent

In almost all warm and humid areas, homeowners experience unwanted guests who often visit their pergolas and feast on the wooden structure. You guessed it right. We are referring to termites that can leave your wooden structure weak, which eventually breaks down.

Using treated wood is one of the best ways to defend against unwanted guests. Pergolas made with treated wood are termite-repellent, so you can enjoy your time outdoors with your loved ones without worrying about the safety and integrity of your wooden pergola.


#2. Treated Wood is Rot-Resistant

Another great benefit that treated wood has to offer is rot resistance. Weather-related rot is one of the biggest concerns when using wood to construct a pergola, as untreated wood can quickly rot when it comes in contact with water. Whether it's rain or humidity, they can be detrimental for your outdoor structure if it is constructed using untreated wood.

Treated wood can better withstand adverse weather conditions, such as humidity and rain, damaging untreated wood. Hence, with treated wood, you can look forward to a pergola that's rot-resistant.


#3. Serves You Longer

Since treated wood is resistant to termites and adverse weather conditions, it is likely to serve you for years and is one of the most durable material choices for the construction of your pergola. While there are many benefits of using treated wood for your pergola, you need to know that treated wood may have small tiny holes on the surface. But since using treated wood for your pergola is much better on several fronts, the tiny holes on the surface shouldn't be much of a concern.


If you are looking forward to a wooden pergola in your yard, you should always go treated wood for it offers better protection against weather and termites. Moreover, when you choose a treated wooden pergola for your yard, you can look forward to enjoying your outdoor space for years. To learn more about treated wooden pergolas and other outdoor structures, get in touch with Prestige Decks and Pergolas today.